Monday, 27 October 2008

It feels like Wednesday, Feist was Friday and the days ahead look good

The Rainbow was waiting for me after work tonight. A golden sun, a misty rain and this ....

Tonight was a "hump" day. I finished a project for my night class, the big fund-raiser is done at work for the year, what happens with the house appraisal is waiting and out of my hands, the cool damp weather is setting in, Fall is in full force and now I can think of what project to work at next.

I have a short list to sew:
The Black and White and Blue
The Red and Purple
The Amy Butler
Shakespeare in the Park

These blocks are ready to be assembled into a quilt:
Precincts of Japan
1930's reproduction

I am okay to pack away the other RR's and QIW's until (fingers crossed) I unpack them in a new sewing room. I am getting pretty hopeful now.

I still am considering my want to do`s:
Make new Christmas stockings for the family
Make the sort-of-started Tree Skirt
...and buying the kit for the "Remembrance Day - Poppy Quilt" by Pam Bono. I am so tempted to get it, then next year (or 2010) I would donate it as a fundraiser for returning veterans. It is beautiful but, ouch, another $149 + tax.

Last Friday night (October 24th) we were so lucky to see Feist in concert. It was such a warm, fun positive feel good time. Feist is a treasure who so deftly plays her voice like a delicate instrument. Her voice gently dances through her vocal range so that her audience is all loved up! The ever-changing stage graphics are amazing, simply hypnotic, beautiful and such a bonus for the night. If you ever have the opportunity to attend her concert, don`t miss it.


  1. I saw Feist in concert last November and she was amazing!

  2. Hi Linda
    I think you should definately get the Remembrance Day kit. I was at Creative Sisters the other day and they had one of them on the long arm machine and it was GORGEOUS!!!


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