Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sock Monkeys and Monkey Clowns

I quilted this for the local guild's Tooney table. This is where they raise money to purchase batting for quilts given to the local Children's Aid. The guild members work on quilts that are given to kids taken into care.

Mibsie is one of the most prolific contibutors. She cuts, pieces and assembles tops by the 100's of metres of fabric. This is her standard pattern; her colour blending is absolutely FUN! She cuts enough fabric for perhaps 10 quilts at a time.

The Clown Monky fabric in this top inspired another idea; finish it up, add a cute sock monkey and add it to the tooney raffle table. I promised her I would do that and so I have:

I have also made this especially for a dear friend for her Christmas gift. It is a pattern from Originellies

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