Saturday, 11 October 2008

Where am I?

... from the beach -ocean side, just before sunrise..


and then there is sunset from Mallory Square

Who is chaining up the Great Rondini?

....writing from a cute little cottage, "an island oasis". It is absolutely lovely here and so not Miami Beach. This cozy place is captivating... do I really need to go home?

Key West is a fun party happening is a little, old-fashioned, luscious garden kind of town.

But what is it with all the chickens trying to figure out what they should be doing about the road?


  1. Beautiful sunrise-sunset ocean photos!
    I will go to KW someday!!

    Did you help those chickens figure it out? lol

  2. You lucky duck!
    Enjoy every minute of your fabulous trip!


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