Saturday, 22 November 2008


The back yard this morning....

and so we head out for breakfast. I cleaned off the car and my Honey cleared the walkway and driveway from last night's snow. It is only November 22.

So we have decided. Papers are signed, permits in motion. We are looking for a hole in the ground very soon and then....

Our new home, the red honeymoon cottage.

Yes, there is a sewing studio. We also will still have a big kitchen, a comfy living room and a large bedroom. We will really put the cars inside the garage here because I don't want to wake up even that much earlier to clean the car windows off so I can drive to work. We will be living in the country, a big village with 110 water hook ups.

The goal is to be as green as possible so it will have ICF exterior walls nearly a foot thick, geothermal as the main heat source, situated on our lot for the best passive solar benefits, designed to (one day) have solar panels added - when affordability, ROI and efficiency are better, the building materials will be sourced as locally as possible in terms of manufacture and supply. We should be able to live there using much less energy resources, except of course the multi-coloured $ resource needed to pay for it all.

I hope that you readers will look forward to my sharing this project along with the rest of my living , quilting and stuff.


  1. Sewing room & garage and big kitchen.. all my priorities too.
    Can't wait to see the hole in the ground.

  2. Very exciting news Linda!

  3. Very nice floor plan. Looks like you're going with the red siding. I really like the look. We built a two story about two years ago and went with yellow siding and a green roof. :0) Good luck!


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