Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A few words from Bill and paying up to my Dad

I was quite thrilled today to be able to attend a speech and Q&A session featuring President William Jefferson Clinton. Bill was discussing the current economic situation in the United States and how it is affecting everyday working people. He was sharing optimism and a belief that there is still opportunity to make things better. Look at the glass half full, not empty and look forward to making the right choices for the good of an interdependent world.

In 1976, during my Senior year at Indian Hills H.S. I was planning to spend the winter break in Washington D.C. Our local congressman recommended me to join a group of other Senior year students for a few days that included meeting the president, Gerald Ford, as well as tours of the capital. My father, a proud Marine (Purple Heart) veteran of the Korean war, was very keen.

A couple of weeks before the trip I, being 18 and angsty, thought it might be a better idea to pass on the Presidential visit for a trip back to London so that I might "tie up loose ends with friends" - in particular one special someone. Now of course I did end up marrying the particular special someone in 1977. My dad however did not really get over how much my change of plans pissed him off.

I love my (sadly, no longer with us) father dearly and feel badly about this great disappointment - not that I married the sweetie but that I jilted President Ford. So, now I think I have made it up to him. I did put my $ down for a VIP seat that let me be within 40 feet of President Clinton. It was good to hear his take on how things can be going forward.

Quilting.... I have cut, sewn and assembled the Amy Butler "Belle". It is ready to be basted up for quilting. I look forward to sharing the project photos and a little story .

House Build.... A minor variance is needed, sounds like it is not a big issue for the Township Planning Department but still needs to be done. The hole is planned for next week and swiftly thereafter comes the pouring of the footings and wall. EXCITING!.
I am going to list this as lots of Acts of Green.

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