Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday Sewing

I picked up this set of 3 prints:

Lyla chose these 3 prints:

Penny found these:

We chose our sets of prints individually and amazingly, fortuitously they do work together in one quilt. We spent the day putting these 3 sets together to make one quiltFons & Porter Jukebox Pattern together for a baby that will be arriving for Christmas.

It is all basted up, I will machine quilt it. It just needs a label, the binding stitched down, a gentle washing, a light pressing so that it can be wrapped up for a special new baby. The Aunties are planning another "Auntie Bee" (just in case any more babies are getting ready to make their way into this world).

They really do look great together.

We enjoyed the day, sewing, laughing, chasing silly dogs from causing trouble, hugging dogs for being so cute and a quick run to buy some Custard Tarts from Nova Era. A couple of those, a couple of Cappuccinos and husbands who went out to do the weekly shopping for us; what a great day!


  1. What a wonderful day! It doesn't get any better than that Linda!!
    And a great quilt too!

  2. what a cute quilt- amazing that all the prints worked well together.

  3. those custard tarts and invading my dreams! they really are the perfect sewing incentive.
    lovely quilt, too!


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