Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Catch up with my quilting

"Snoopy + Belle" (the Amy Butler pattern) is done, all bound, labelled, washed and folded; ready for the Cara to snuggle under it.

The pattern is now worked out for Melissa's "Purple and Red" Strip Quilt; I think EQ6 was a great help in designing this. Now before I cut any of that pile of purple and red fabric we both understand what she would like this to look like. This one should measure up to 80" x 80".

I have to assemble the cut pieces for the 2008 Mystery Quilt that I designed for the Bag Ladies. They are cut into whites with black, Blacks with white, and a beautiful blue for the centre square. Unfortunately I cannot open the EQ6 file that I made of this pattern. You will have to wait until I finish it to see it; sorry.

The fabric needs to be cut for our Bag Lady 2009 project - "Shakespeare in the Park" (a pattern by Judy Martin). I am going to use my green and neutral FQ's and small pieces to do this one.

And then of course, I have the old UFO's .... Assembling the Bag Ladies Sampler Quilt, completing the 30's repros quilt, hand quilting my "Precincts of Japan". I will be a busy girl, even if I pack up most of the studio.


  1. What a pretty quilt!

  2. Wonderful quilt. The fabric is so pretty.


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