Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Not quite resolutions, more than a passing thought

By this time in 2009 (December 31, 2009) I would like to have:

Prepared and sold our house
Packed, moved and unpacked our home into a new house (May)
Reorganized and created a new sewing studio
Assemble and hand quilt the Precincts of Tokyo quilt
Cut, sew and assemble the Purple and Red quilt for Melissa
Assemble the Black and White Mystery quilt
Design, cut, sew, assemble and quilt Jenny's Quilt for Jamboree (April)
Design, cut, sew, assemble and quilt a crib or lap quilt for the March fundraiser
Cut and sew the blocks for "Shakespeare in the Park"
Cut, sew and assemble the Poppy Rememberence Quilt (to quilt in 2010)
Make new Christmas stockings for the family (for December)
Create an artistic piece
Create Mini-quilt gift pieces (such as Fabric Post Cards, mini-quilts, table toppers)
Go to work and complete some projects there
Enjoy life with Peter
Visit with my children
Successully take at least 2 night classes
Be financially responsible and efficient
Journal on a more regular basis
Keep showing my love for my family
Have fun with the dogs
Spend time with friends
Choose physical activities more often
Pay attention to what my body is asking for
Figure out how to develop a realistic sense of time (It seems I really need to do this)
Laugh lots
Keep smiling

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