Friday, 12 December 2008

Squeezing the dollars, twice

Grammy would make the most of everything before she would spend extra dollars.
    Grammy and a Bunny Cake, Easter, 1975

  • cook from basic food ingredients; our every day meals and our special treats
  • knit and crochet hats, scarves, sweaters, afghans etc.
  • sew pajamas, every day clothes, special occasion wear, coats etc.
  • re-purpose as many things as possible, such as using large empty cans, covered in a fabric casing to make a small foot stool
  • compost
  • save the buttons from unwearable clothing
  • mend clothing
  • make bean bags to play with
  • use a wash basin to save water while washing dishes
  • share
  • showed us her love and care by spending time with us
  • She always found a way to to use items that no longer met their original purposes

I grew up understanding that was normal, to make the most value from everything as a matter of course.

There have been many times over my lifetime so far when living that way made the big difference in how we survived tight times. Being newly married, starting a family, being a stay-at-home-mom, squeezing out mortgage payments at 20% interest rates, surviving lay-offs and unemployment; raising our family through it all.

Times may be getting tough again but we will all survive. There are hundreds of ways to spend less and squeeze the dollar tighter. It actually feels good to work through the challenge of making each dollar go farther.

I know that over the last few years I have spent money fairly loosely, not thinking quite so hard before I bought whatever happy little gadget came my way, especially if it was a kitchen tool, notions to help me quilt, pretty fabric or anything that made my kids smile. As we learn lifelong there are cycles for everything. Now begins the time to think more like my Grammy again.

All the Grandchildren (except Melody - who is there in someone's hand in a photo), perhaps in 1986 or 87

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  1. I remember makng that bunny cake when I was yourng - we loved making that cake every Easter! Imagine how many kids today don't even know how to bake a cake on their own. Making was always the first option for us - we never had store bought cakes. That applied to lots of things. I don't remember feeling deprived - ever.


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