Friday, 2 January 2009

How to do resolutions

Now that I am past the list of what I want to do I have to figure out how I will do that.

Packing - I will start a few boxes at a time, and for this I will put an updater on the sidebar; same thing with purging. I will count "boxes worth". I have approximately 5 months in which to pack and purge so we shall see how it goes. I did challenge myself to starting the process after Christmas so that I have accomplished (4 boxes packed, 1 garbage bag worth purged).

Quilting: a few hours a few times a week, slow and steady, the turtle and the hare, a little bit at a time, etcetera, etcetera

Healthy Stuff: Somehow I inadvertantly have a gym membership, hmmm. I would not pay for one but I don't like to waste anything so I will have to use it somehow. Classes I guess.

Enjoying all the special people in my life: Every chance I can :)

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