Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Pay it forward a bit more, and random threads


I can still send one more handmade item for the Pay It Forward. Carol and Toni are each getting a giftie in the mail...

Ki -West update:

There is a big hole in the ground filled with straw today! That is great news, even if it still will be -17C tonight. Sweetie will send me pictures that I can upload tomorrow.

Quilty stuff:

I have been playing with my fabrics, sorting them, making post cards, planning projects and just dabbling. There will be some heavy duty quilting soon! Well at least cutting and sewing. These greens and neutrals will become my "Shakespeare in the Park", the Reds and Purples will become Melissa's quilt.

and just for fun:

I was digging through envelopes of old photopraphs because I wanted to do a photo show for my dear friends and I enjoyed it so much I could hardly tear myself away to do my homework, housework, work-work or sew. It was such a hoot to look at pictures from 20 - 25 years ago.

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  1. We have BAGS of old photos! Yes, it is hard to tear yourself away from those memories :) I like your stars. Your fabric choices are pretty ,too. Can't wait to see them as quilts :) We built a new house a few years ago. It was a nightmare! I will pray for you that yours goes smoother than ours did :) Good luck!


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