Tuesday, 27 January 2009

YES!!! a hole in the ground filled with straw (week 1 plus 3)

This is an excavation, filled with straw as insulation.

Thanks to John, Kelly, Carol, Graham and all your crew.

If you look closely you will see green piping that will be our heat source, geothermal heating.

Tomorrow there should be (weather willing) footings being poured.

What happens next: after the footings then there will be about 3 weeks of pouring concrete inside the insulated forms. This will extend right up to the roof line. The walls, when finished in the inside and outside will be nearly 1 foot thick; very quiet, very well insulated, fire safe and pretty solid!!!

Quilty-wise: I chose the fabrics to be used in the "Shakespeare in the Park" quilt and the quilt I am making for silent auction at a charitable fundraiser.

I am going to use my wine themed fabrics to make a lap/sofa quilt. I will share the fundraiser details here soon,


  1. hooray!
    i didn't know you were building a solid concrete home - that plus the geothermal will be so wonderful

  2. A hole in the ground is a great start. One foot walls sounds pretty thick. I'll have to plan a field trip to see the new home when it's done.


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