Thursday, 26 February 2009

House build update

These are windows waiting in the snow. Perhaps next week they will be in the framed out areas of the wall.

And more snow, I think about that crew working in the cold and I appreciate them very much.
This is the back of our house, the narrow openings at the top are framing for a row of glass block windows that will be in the space above the kitchen cupboards. The larger windows will be our living room wall of windows. This wall faces due south for the most sunshine and daylight.

This is further along the south wall. There is framing for glass block in the master ensuite and it will surround each of the his and hers mirrors above the sink. The next windows at the far end of the house are our bedroom windows.
I will upload more photos this weekend. I heard that the wall is poured right up to the roof line; soon the roof trusses will be put on.

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