Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Photos from week 3 of the building project

Many hands make light work... the Bag Ladies are quick at basting quilts.

Good Canadian plywood for the subfloor.

These Nudura forms are made in Canada also.

This is the western face of the foundation.

Now we are looking into the basement, it will be about 9 feet high with in-floor radiant heat. There will be loops tied into a grid within the concrete floor. Below the concrete there will be a layer of insulation.

This is where the geo-thermal loops will go into the utility room in the basement.

The Nudura forms are filled with concrete and rebar. There is a plastic webbing inside the blue Styrofoam which will serve as the studs for the interior drywall so this minimizes the wood used for studs.


  1. Anonymous12:34 pm

    I really respect your decision to build your new home green. I'm excited to watch the process.


  2. Do you have a photo of the completed home? I'd love to see how it will turn out, before it's finished.
    it's so wonderful that you are building a "green" home.
    Joan in GA

  3. The house is coming along!!! Yipee! We went with the in floor heat, too and we love it!


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