Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weekend visit to the build site, and the rest of the weekend stuff

Today the sun shone. What a simple sentence yet for us, after 10 weeks of freezing and snow the simple sunshine and the merest hint of warm under the wind rather than arctic cold is a cause for rejoicing.
After a visit to "James Place" for our weekend breakfast, we headed to Lakeside. It was my first real look at the building since it began. Sweetie has been sending me daily photo updates. He can easily pass by on his route to work. This is why we are moving to Lakeside.
Lakeside is about 30 minutes from London and an hour from Waterloo. We are splitting the difference. He has been doing the 90 minute drive twice a day since 2000. I have a 7 minute drive, a 18 minute bike ride or a 30 minute walk to get to work.
The town is pretty small, 110 water hook ups including the cottages. Probably 60 houses (plus one partly done). The lake - Sunova Lake - is about a 5 minute walk from our place.
The house is being built in a decommissioned rail line. There have been a few houses built along that old rail line.
This is the view from the studio door.
This will be the view from the kitchen window.

These are the pipes that will carry the warmth from the earth into our home.

The far end of the house will be the kitchen and the studio.

Sweetie standing in the side yard.

The temperature actually went up to +5 Celsius. !!!!
What else happened this weekend?

Sweetie took me to the jewellery store on Saturday and bought me a beautiful white gold bangle bracelet, with diamonds. We have been looking for a month and he found one which was perfect. It was my birthday on Saturday and he treats me very well.

We went to a favourite restaurant for lunch, Jambalaya . Kevin is a fantastic chef. We had not been for a year and this was the longest period we had not visited. When they opened (nearly 11 years ago) I used to pick up "Sweet Potato Fries" for lunch 3 times a week. mmmmmm . Their menu is a fusion of Thai, Caribbean and Cajun. Jambalaya Blackened Chicken is the best. The daily soup is served with corn bread. Anything there is wonderful!!!

It was lucky that we chose to go on Saturday since they are closing at that location, but will be re-opening in a new location downtown. I will miss the bright decor and the cozy atmosphere of that old building.

My birthday was wonderful. Flowers, chocolate, lunch with a special friend and wine were also the other gifts I enjoyed.

Sunday was just as good. After we finished checking out the building site we went to the big "North by Northwest" sale at the Western Fair Grounds. I bought great shoes: to wear with a pair for jeans (Merrell Paris maryjanes),

a pair for work (Timberland Ballerina shoes),

plus summer sandals (Columbia Sapphire).
The prices were great. I also bought a new winter coat, a summer dress and a spring jacket. Regular price for this would have been: $770, I paid only $320.


  1. What beautiful views you will have! Happy birthday, too :) I can't believe how expensive coats are. I bought one with Christmas money and it was 180.00! YIKES!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing the building of your new home. I can't wait to keep watching it come alive.

    Great shopping deals, too. Don't you love a sale like that?

  3. Happy Birthday Linda!
    Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration...great haul!!
    Best wishes for a quilty year ahead!


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