Sunday, 1 March 2009

Build status - end of week 5

It was a lovely sunny but cold day so we headed out to the village to have a look at our "honeymoon cottage". This is Keith's only visit before we are moved in. Keith and his sweetie will be heading back to Montreal tomorrow. When we see them again we will no longer be living in London.
(that sounds so weird to me)


  1. Wow your new house is coming along fast...cant wait to see that studio filled with all your creative energy...How fun to have a new house to plan and decorate..I will be watching the progress..Hope its not to cold up there...we have been getting blasted with snow and its cold....Toni

  2. How exciting! Years ago my parents bought a house before it was built and I remember the anticipation. In our case, dad got transferred before the house was finished so we never got to live in it. I know that won't happen to you!

  3. Melissa11:55 am

    Look at all the snow in the basement!! Are you going to have a second floor? I can't remember where you said the bedrooms were going to go.


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