Friday, 20 March 2009

Happy Spring! It is the end of Week 8

Tonight's drive up to check it out, it is looking pretty good. The roof is sheathed, so are the garage walls and the shingles are on the roof. Okay, the shingles are still in their stacks but that is getting pretty darn close.

I am in love with this front door. It makes me feel like I want to walk up to it, open it and find myself at home. The cute little dog that is exploring is Django.
Okay, I am in love with this bank of windows too. Double-hung windows make me feel as if I should throw up the sash and let the fresh air blow through. This definitely feels like a wonderful, comfortable, homey place to be. ... another gratuitous view from my kitchen window. The sunset was far more colorful to my eyes than it was to the camera.

P.S. Tonight was the season end for Battlestar Galactica. I love (hmmm, I am loving a lot these days) Sci-Fi. Anyway, the season finale took it home. The characters were wonderfully acted. The land of promise and peace that lay ahead of the colonists was beautiful. Whether we are gettting on or off the merry-go-round is not so much in our singular control but more the result of what we compromise or stand up for in our society. I am looking forward to watching all four seasons from the start one more time.
Thanks to the BSG cast and crew,

So say we all.

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  1. Keith Grover9:10 pm

    Thanks for the pic updates, its looking like a home.

    BSG finale was... great... it filled the right amount of questions, leaving only a few to be imagined upon. I was wondering if you would catch up in time to see the last few.

    "The Plan" is coming out in the fall as a 2-hour movie that tells the events from the Cylon perspective.
    Don't forget also that the "Caprica" Pilot (mini-series about the planet before the Cylon attack) is coming next year. The pilot episode is to be released April 21st on DVD.

    So Say We All


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