Saturday, 28 March 2009

New home construction in Ontario- yes it is happening! End of Week 9

Here are some non-snowy views from the living room window and the front door.

Inside we have:

This is a view into the bedroom and the ensuite, the narrow windows will be filled with glass block. This lets in bright sunshine or moonlight and maintains the bathroom privacy. Another, centered, column of glass block is hidden from view behind the stud. These glass blocks are framing out our his and hers areas (sink and mirror).
Sweetie is standing in the hall and looking west to take these pictures (that is me standing in the studio). These glass block windows are opening up and allowing the natural light to come in over the kitchen cupboards.
This is the requisite "how it looks today"shot.
I have to head down in to the basement now and finish basting up that quilt. I keep putting that off today because it is so BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE (at least for today). I have already hung 2 loads of wash on the line and Sweetie is opening all the windows here at the old house for fresh air!
This winter has been so long and cold.


  1. Thanks for this week's update, can't wait to see next week..

  2. It's looking great!!!! I can't wait to see finished photos of your quilting studio


  3. Thank you for the comments on my thread painting workshop, and sorry but your name has slipped through the cracks of my mind.

    I love the looks of the openness I see and the windows! Hmmm can't tell much about the studio but I'm sure you'll be keeping this updated. Will have to check back. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay, I give up I did up a comment and it's gone! Thanks for your compliment on my thread painting workshop, but sorry your name has kinda eluded me.

    Love the look so far of the openness and windows of your new home. Can't wait to see you finished studio.

  5. I'm ashamed to say I have not visited your blog in a long....long.....I mean long time. I am so glad I stopped by tonight. The progress on your new house is wonderful. I looked at the plans and absolutely love them. I like the idea of the offset garage with the large door to the back. The studio is in the perfect place. You will be away from quiet areas of the house, but close to the kitchen. It is good to put a little extra money into the house now that will save you much on heating etc later. I will visit again soon. Peggy


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