Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Week 7, there are rooms, sort of.

I did not realize that I forgot to post last week's progress. The rooms are framed up.

Here we are looking from the master bedroom into the hall.

And when the front door is in place, then opened wide,
this will be the view we see as we welcome friends in.
(please click on any photo so that you can have a better look)

Both ends of the living room, literally, the room that all our living will be in. The open concept means that sweetie and I will be reading, eating, cooking, entertaining, relaxing and watching TV in the same room. The area with the high window openings is the kitchen, the framed walls surround the ensuite, study, master bedroom, and the doorway through the laundry room/garage entry. These are tall walls, the ceiling will be about 10 feet high. The structure in the center is the stairway to the lower (basement) level.

Here is framing for a pocket door entry to the studio from the kitchen.

Oops, this door needs to move about 16" further to the left so we have a place for our boots, bags and the rest of the stuff we carry in and out the door every day.

Hurry back. We hope there will be a roof on top of all this soon.

On the quilty front, time is running out for keeping the studio fully equipped. I have one more quilt to cut and assemble; maybe two. After this the fabrics, books and notions will be packed away, leaving only (hopefully) 4 or 5 projects to work through and finish up before I start ANYTHING else. Tomorrow I am cutting up oranges, purples and some other brights to make a challenge donation quilt in memory of a dear online quilting friend, Jennie.


  1. Keith Grover12:52 am

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated... I had expected a roof before the framing but this works too.

  2. Anonymous7:16 pm


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    Thank you,
    Connie Colten
    Quilt Qua


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