Thursday, 21 May 2009

Build Week 17 (slate floors / technical details) and leftover April treats

These are some of the hidden tehnical details in the house; the geothermal sytem mechanics and HRV system as well as a septic system (a necessity for rural living).

We have chosen rustic slate for the halls, laundry room and washroom floors. It is wonderfully textured and the colours range from deep grey to an oxide orange. Tim suggested a brown grout; this sounds great to me. The house is filled with deep earth tone colours. The slate has deep colours and feels so intriguing to walk on because my feet love to feel the varying surfaces.

I am feeling very much at home; there are still a few weeks till we can move in.

This place feels so warm and welcoming to visit!

April Leftovers:
Liberty Fabrics! DD#1 went to London and visited Liberty fabrics; super sweetheart that she is, she brought home fabrics. She let me choose 2 pieces. I chose a blue paisley and a sweet garden print.

Quilt Pocket Jamboree 2009 (Part 3): Silk scarves

There is a little silk shop in the Pike's Place Market. I bought 3 scarves. One was given away as a gift to a special friend. It was taupe with random soft loops of orange, yellow and green (maybe?). A second is delicately sheer for gently draping around my neck. The third is a three-way delight; it can be draped as a scarf, wrapped as a shawl or worn as a vest when the frog is closed at the front. It is very soft, features 2 little pockets and is lined with black silk. Lucky me!

As far as my handiwork: KNITTING

I am working on a pair of socks (for the first time). I found some of the variegated yarn that knits up resembling fair isle. I want to knit 2 pair. These happy feet for me and a toned-down brown for Sweetie. I am getting ready to take part in Socktober.

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