Friday, 8 May 2009

End of Week 15 - building in Lakeside

We have an empty garage now (the kids will understand this).

Check out the window trim - there is just the apron below, the rounded edges and look at how deep they are.

Here is the start of the walk-in-pantry, shelves along both sides; very nicely angled in the front. I expect they will continue across the back as well.

Here is the transporter pad. Not really, it is the dining "room", the hole on the right is the stairwell.

This is the door to the study, just off the front hall.

Looking down the hall (east) are: coat closet, powder room and one of the doors to the studio. The dividing wall you see is the back of the dining room.

This is Sweetie standing at the living room windows as we look into the kitchen area, and as we look into the back yard.

There are three doorways through to the studio; a pocket door to the kitchen, a full-lite door to outside and a regular door (with transom) to the hallway (and powder room).

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