Saturday, 16 May 2009

House build week 16 - painting now, floors next

Click on these for a better look at the colours. Most of the main painting is completed. The white wall area (an angled wall) will be painted the same as the dining room wall. This angled wall will be the display wall for featuring quilts.
I have wanted a display wall to feature my own textile art since 1979, during the same time period that I decided I hated white walls. We were living in a brand new apartment, in a new apartment building, with our new baby girl and I was craving colour. This was in the West End of Vancouver (where you don't tan, you rust). In 1981 we moved to a rented house and thereafter I have never left a wall white; except for the time period between priming it and painting it - then of course I learned that primer does not have to be white either.
NB: These photos are merged together with Canon photostitch software.

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  1. Wow! Your house is coming along great!


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