In-between-days and blessings

Sometimes I get stuck in the land of "in-between-days", you know, that space where you have just been somewhere or done something and you have something coming up to do but you can't get to it today.

I am here this week. I have to pack up and move out a slew of boxes so that I can list this house for sale (anyone interested in a great house filled with good vibes and ready for pretty well any way you want to live in it?). After the packing there is furniture to move out and to move around.

Before one tries to sell a house, one has to move most of their life outside of the house. For some stuff this means - to the land fill, to a garage sale, to someone else's house, to a thrift shop or to a storage spot. Does it make practical sense to move out of your house before you have to move? Not really.

In any case, I am sorting and packing and wishing I could just sit back and live in my house. Either of my houses - there is the new one being built and there is this one being prettied up. Both are taking up so much time and mental energy there is no time left for regular living, quilting or stuff.

So here in the world of "in-between=days" I am stealing a few minutes to blog. I should be ironing shirts and crawling into bed, even better yet I should be quilting. Not tonight.
I am trying very hard to notice all the beautiful flowers as they arrive. I will be taking pictures of our lovely 4 generations+ lilacs in the next day or so. They smell heavenly. They are so luxuriantly abundant and cheerful. The bushes here were transplanted by Sweetie's mum from his grandmother's home (that is how I have counted the 4 generations+).
Along with these lilacs there are sour cherries, no longer the original tree but babies of babies of the cherries that have fallen over the last 60 years.
I will also be moving Mum's peonies along with my lovely yellow magnolia tree. These are the roots of our new garden. They are the corner posts of this old garden.

I am very grateful that I really enjoy being where I work. I truly appreciate that as a blessing because I have worked in some very under-valued jobs. There are places out there where, no matter how hard working, dedicated and resourceful you are, no one would notice. Work is a good place, in its proportionately life-balanced time slot. I am very happy at my place of work.

Other things to ponder and appreciate:
*Amazingly wonderful loving adults who were my kids once upon a time. They are loving and considerate, responsible, fun and smart. Definitely blessings.
*Friends, all of you... those that come to share a cup of tea or cappuccino, those that send me quick emails, those that think about me and wish me well, those who share my passions and smiles, those who indulge my silliness, help me smile and those who choose to be with me when they don't have to even be aware I exist.
* Sweetie (absolutely my superstar and the foundation of my life)
*Family-all of you - you know who you are and that you really matter in my life!
*sunshine, blue skies and the endless variations of the colour green.

...and what makes me sad... losing touch with special people. Hugs to you all.


  1. Been there, done that. I remember feeling that way when we bought our condo. I was thankful we only had 6 weeks to pack and move. I can't imagine waiting longer than that to move. But you will have a gorgeous house at the end of your wait.

  2. I just love lilacs too!
    Can you send me some encouraging comments about how you got through the terrible teen years so that you somehow come out the other side with such wonderful humans?!?! My teens are giving me fits!

  3. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Treat your little ones like lovely humans and they will honour your courage and strength. Be supportive and remind them that they can have your love and their little mistakes and frustrations are not things they have to burden alone.

    A supportive parent is the best medicine for a teenager as things are really hard for them and they are pressured to not appear weak. Love from a distance begins with dinner and conversation, but relationships take time to build, just talk to them about things other than the 'big topics' don't interfere directly but steer them by supporting them to make the correct decision


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