Tuesday, 5 May 2009

London - Seattle - Lakeside (Week 14)

Flying out of Seattle, April 27th and watching the sun set (in flight) across Puget Sound.

It will take a few posts to catch up on everything interesting that has been happening over the last 2 weeks. I am on my third set of house build update photos but I will be kind and only upload the most recent.
The house has eavetroughs, a basement floor, finished ceilings, a front porch and all the walls are ready to be painted.

This is Wirsbo piping attached to the gridded base of the garage floor. The photo on the right is the basement floor, poured over a piped and gridded base , laying on styro insulation atop the gravel. We will not be turning the garage floor heat on but we thought it best to put in place before the concrete floor was poured - just in case we wanted to heat it someday. The basement infloor heating will definately be on to keep that area all comfy warm.
Through the wizardry of Canon photostitch, here is the view from the study door, looking from the livingroom (left), across the dining room, into the kitchen and into the studio (right). These walls will all be painted this week so I will redo this series once that has been completed.

For those who are wondering what I have been up to while I was too busy to post the short list is:
  • finished hand quilting the Jenny Challenge quilt (Yvonne's blog has a great photo story about this)

  • traveled to Seattle with Sweetie and good friends (watch for some fun snap shots soon)

  • had an awesome time at the Quilt Pocket Jamboree (did I say AMAZING!)

  • shop-hopped (good thing I brought an empty suitcase)

  • was sick with the flu (no photos of this I promise!)

    • The Quilt Pocketeers*, both those who attended the Jamboree and those who partay-ed at home sent 33 quilts that were donated to the Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center .
      * The Quilt Pocket is an online quilting group: a wonderful place of friendship, inspiration, motiviation, laughter and slightly silly but absolutely fun.

      And here is my contribution, finally all stitched. I was hand quilting on the plane, in the waiting area of the airport, at Jamboree and then still stitching down the binding the night before these were given away.
      ....more posts to follow!

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