Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Quilt Pocket Jamboree 2009 (part one)

Yvonne did a super job arranging the place for us to come together and create all of our fun. It was two years in the planning. At some times there were 40 of us planning to come to Seattle and other times it looked like we might be down to a dozen; but stalwart and full of "ready to part-ay", 18 of us showed up at the hotel in Renton, Washington.

Many familiar faces, hugs and tears, others smiles belonged to names I only knew through innumerable emails. Each of these hearts were filled with quilty friendship overflowing to be shared.

Sweetie laughs and asks what would I think if he deposited me in a hotel and I was told to spend most of my time inside for my holiday. HAHAHA!! We laughed, cried, stitched, knitted, ogled fabric, shared our stories, ate chocolate, walked to local shops, shopped at a vender set up in our hotel, won door prizes, took pictures of each other, shared meals, and generally felt sisterhood.

We headed out on a day long bus trip up to La Conner Washington to see the Quilt Museum and of course, shop. A clear blue sky and sunny day, enroute we passed some of the fields of tulips, views of Puget Sound and enjoyed the beautiful Cascade mountain range, Mount Baker ahead of us, Mount Rainier the other direction.

At one wool shop (I am such a sucker for colour and texture) I fell in love with a beautiful sample sweater. Lucky me, it was for sale and at a cost far less than the priceof the wool (75% wool, 25% silk) AND MY FRIENDS TALKED ME INTO BUYING IT. That Mattie tried to hide it on me but I wasn't letting it be gone for long. It was a perfect fit and the colours are all me! [To put balance on this purchase whilst I am trying to pack and purge I did give up 2 cardigans once I returned home.]

There are still photos of my goodies to come!

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