Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wild women shopping

A weekend break from house stuff; a weekend refueling my fun individual self - quiet, raucous, giddy, silly, tranquil, unconstrained, wild.

A lucky stop on our Saturday shop hop is "The Currant" in Parkhill. We wandered in and Angie offered us tea, served in the beautiful china tea cups that I adore, and we could sit on her comfy sofa and relax - just for the pleasure of relaxing in her shop. The shop features clothing in hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, soy, nutritionals, books and a few other natural-based good things. As I wandered the store my tote bag whimpered so I asked if I could let my little dog out of the bag.

Yes, I do wander around with a "Shiraz in a bag", the four-footed, warm and cuddly white variety. Angie did not mind a dog in her store so that was it, the dog was out of the bag and we had a lovely afternoon. I found 2 dresses, and 3 tops that felt great (after having tried on a dozen items). My friends also shopped so Angie's warm welcome of a pot of tea certainly helped meet her sales quota.

Angie is really lovely, her clothing , teas and hemp-based products are wonderful. Too bad I cannot share a link since she is not on-line. If you are ever in Parkhill Ontario, please stop and visit her shop at 216 Main Street.

I may be able to handle the next month or two. I can hardly wait until I have my studio set up again and can get back to the seriously fun pleasure of creating and quilting; and no longer have the distraction of decision making. I merely want to go to work each week day then go home to play.

Shiraz on the beach.

Trilliums in the woods.

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