Random Act of Kindness - London High School Kids Are Great

I want to acknowledge a much appreciated Random Act of Kindness this morning.

When I wake up in the morning I can be a scary sight - I even wait a while before I am ready to look in the mirror. I realized it was garbage pick up day and Sweetie missed putting the garbage out in his 5:45 AM rush to leave for work. So, resplendent in blue p.j.'s and over sized fleece, bed head and sleepy eyes, I drag the tall blue box of recycling out to the kerb.

Cute I am, and I am sure the teen age boy and girl waiting for their school bus at my driveway end were well amused. I smiled, said "good morning", commented that the dogs love to watch them every day and hurry back inside before they can break out in laughter at the image I am presenting.

I place the next garbage can on the porch so that I can collect enough other garbage; we are cleaning out the garage and some stuff just cannot be recycled or re-purposed. When I reach my front porch I notice that the other filled can is gone. It was taken to the kerb....by the cute kids that were waiting for their school bus. What a nice thing to do. Thanks. I am not sure which school bus company it is or which school they go to but I am sending my appreciation out to the greater world and I hope that anyone reading this will say a thanks to one or two of the young people that they have in their lives.

This RAK bodes well for the state of our future. This made a happy start to a busy Friday at work.


  1. oh my gosh. I got good tingles as I read this.


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