31 days past build week 19 (or 20 something)

The actual move took so much time and energy I have not been able to find 15 minutes to blog about it.

We had hundreds (many hundreds) of HEAVY boxes, furniture, 2 dogs and us to move. We hired a mover; we did not want any of our dear friends to be injured moving our stuff. We are all getting older now.

This move was one of those life "synchronicity" moments. I called 15 movers for estimates and set up 3 appointments.

The first guy to show up walks through the house and as we stand in my kitchen he asks, "who made your kitchen for you?" Since I love my kitchen I was happy to tell him, "Gordon, from Gordon's Custom Woodworking in Dorchester". He then laughs. He asks me if my house is a new house, ranch style, near St Mary's. I say yes. He then tells me that he has been to my house, in fact he delivered my kitchen.



Martin knew Gordon, they both are cabinet makers. Martin does the bigger deliveries now for Gordon. Our new house is brand new, in the middle of a rural area, in a town of perhaps 100 buildings; nothing would have been delivered there except for building materials and the kitchen - what are the chances that someone would have already been to that place and this old house too? Have a look at these 2 kitchens. The first kitchen that Gordon made for us was in 1996, solid cherry wood, natural colour.
Gordon had told him about the lady who wanted the same kitchen built, that she already had, again. They likely think I am silly.
I did not want to give it up and no matter what else I had available to me to choose, I would choose the same again, please. So I did. In fact we passed over one builder simply because they were not willing to let my own guy do the kitchen. When I like something, I see no reason to change, just for change's sake or maybe the choice I made was right then and is still right today...whatever.

Any way, since Marten had already been to the house in a truck he felt strongly that we should use a smaller truck and do 3 trips. He was afraid of sliding into the culvert on either side of the driveway. So, we planned on 3 trips with the small truck. Okay, it took 4. He had to come back for a load on Tuesday. We won't talk much about our filled storage unit.

One truck load was filled with boxes. Those heavy boxes. They weighed more than our furniture. Lots of books.


  1. What a great story about the new house. I hope you are enjoying your new home.

  2. I'm sure that they don't think that you are silly at all - what a compliment to Gordon that the kitchen he built for you 13 years ago is still something you are happy with!

  3. the new kitchen looks great


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