still working on getting back to quilting

I finished my first pair of socks. I have already cast on the stitches and completed a few inches of a pair of socks for sweetie.

A fresh slate... well, after opening 16 boxes it does not look quite so pristine. I know it will not be pretty but soon it will be filled with boxes, bins, magazines, tins and lot's of other quilting related stuff.

I have this wall of shelves (6 ft long), the work top cabinet below it, my desk, a small book shelf, the bakers rack, the cubby sorter unit, 2 banquet tables, a plastic drawer tower and too many little things to put inside.

Canadian Tire has the smaller plastic drawers on sale this week; at least they were on the website about 20 minutes ago. These are 26" high, with 3 drawers for $14.97. They should replace the drawers from the sewing desk that I gave away last month. It is amazing how many little things I have that need to be stored in drawers.

I no longer have the second larger work top cabinet, a jam cupboard, a dresser, a sewing desk, another wall of shelves, lots of wall space with bulletin boards and racks.

I do however have 4 wonderful large windows, 3 doors, a finished ceiling, 4 walls and a nice floor. It is so lovely. I need to organize it is to its full potential to enjoy it.

I think I have to find another half dozen boxes, sort the contents and then.... yes soon, I can start laying out fabric and begin cutting it up into little pieces and sewing it back together again!!