I sewed

Finally tonight I sewed, not mending, but real sewing. Ahhhh. I put together my dress. http://www.butterick.com/item/B4789.htm. I have done this dress before in brights and it is so comfortable; I love the loop and twist at the center front. It is hanging tonight and I will hem it on Tuesday or Wednesday night.
Next will be a quilting project. I still don't know if I will pull out a UFO, start a new small project or start a big one. There are lot's of UFO's and I don't have a to do list started because I tossed the old one out with the garbage I purged for the move. I am free!!!!


  1. Oooo . . . happy sewing!

  2. I vote for a UFO!
    How about one from our old group back in the 90's!!?!


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