Wednesday, 5 August 2009

mid-summer - the happening is family and home

It is August and somehow the summer seems lost. The weather has not been typical hot hazy and humid but rather coolish, more grey and windy. I almost did not notice that I am missing summer.

I have had 2 wonderful daughter dates. Number 1 daughter believes "get the dress, the event will come" and she set out to prove it. The first was an evening in Stratford, dinner and theatre - Cyrano de Bergerac with both daughters as well as friends, another mother & daughter. This was so lovely. The play was filled with wonderfully coordinated sword play, great costumes and highly charged dialogue. I think that the essence of the story - that love can drive lives was well served.

Tonight was a promise dinner - an upscale local (London) restaurant known for its expensive menu. The promise to dine there was well-kept, the meal not quite as wonderful as its promise. The company however was the best! Thanks DD #1. After dinner we cried our way through "My Sister's Keeper", a story of love and giving so much that it hurts.

Even the son and his sweetie made it home this weekend. I really love having the adults "who used to be my kids" around. My sweetie and I love having them in our lives.

In the studio..... we are becoming more and more organized, the sewing machines are starting to hum. A few mending jobs and a newly cut out dress is the start of my stitching life in Lakeside. Another 3 weeks of moving related jobs and then I will be free. I also have socks on my knitting needles.

I threw away all the old lists and am looking forward to having a fresh start!

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