9 hours cutting, over 1880 pieces in baggies

Saturday was a long awaited quilty day with friends. L & P arrived around 10 AM. The morning started with a couple of cappuccinos each, laced with French Vanilla Kahlua and topped with Whipped Cream and Club House Pumpkin Pie Spice (an addiction owed to Starbucks).

Notice how nice and sunny (and early in the day) the first working photo is.

Lunch was a slow cooker deal: pulled chicken on a bun, salad and butterscotch tarts for dessert.

More cutting. Nine Hours of cutting pieces of fabric so that we can put them all together again into this.

Okay, finally done cutting... see how My poor friends dragged their weary bodies home after 11 PM. It will be Nov 14 before we can get together to sew these pieces. After all the cutting we are pretty certain that we will be keeping our finished quilts for ourselves...


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