Saturday, 12 September 2009

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Mea Culpa! I realized a few weeks ago that I was a deadbeat on a swap. I feel so badly - I owed some fabric postcards in April; unfortunately I had to pack up the sewing room and all my fun stuff much earlier than I expected to. I sort of believed that I could keep that room intact until just a week or 2 before the move. Reality was that the whole room had to be packed so that there would be space to work on packing the rest of the house.
Then I dreamt that I would have the sewing studio up, in order and I would be happily sewing within a few weeks of settling in. WRONG. Here it is September 11 and I am finally able to sew my postcards. So, although overdue, they are now en route. I am soooo sorry.


The theme was "fashion". I wondered how it would look if I used some of the stitches on the Husqvarna Lily to create fishnet stockings, then for decency sake I could cover these legs with a nice skirt.

Step 1: trace an outline of legs and do a prototype to test the stitches (the muslin piece in the photo above).

Step 2: find a fun fabric for the skirt - a puce organza seems like a fair choice; when would I possibly ever choose that fabric again?

Step 3: and a fun background??? how about the purple jacquard? Works for me. I love the 3D effect.


Now I am really living in my studio. This is one of the great work spaces that I have now.

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  1. Those are sooooo excellent! I love them!


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