....in my little world, Blog Action Day

I was anticipating that I could write an insightful and intelligent piece. I considered climate change from countless angles.
What I kept returning to is my personal perspective. I thought then that I should choose a particular month or season and review how I have experienced it over the 50+ passings.
I have moved across the continent, from east to west and up and down a bit so it would not be a fair consideration.
What if I considered the climate change in terms of colour - who knows where I thought I could go with that but this too ended up nowhere.
Gardening? Diet? Outside activity? Sports? Laundry? None of these are directly impacted by climate change in a way that variations from year to year have made any significant change in my world.
Some years have been truly hot and dry, others hot and wet, some cold and some quite unremarkable in their blandness. I suppose then that in my tiny world climate change has not been more than another variation in the recurring cycles.

But it has affected my dreams in a real way. I have always dreamt of massive glacial expanses, of visiting the far northern territories to see the tundra. I imagine the absolute beauty of the frozen blue/white world that has existed in that extreme.
I think about the very short summer season and the range of temperature. The icebergs. The ice breakers. Protecting the northern waterways as Canadian lands.

And here the reality is that the Yukon had warmer temperatures for most of the summer than I experienced in South western Ontario.
I have read travelogues of people who visited glaciers 30 years ago, returning to find the spots they viewed them from no where near the glaciers. The glaciers are retreating thousands of feet back - perhaps like a time eons ago when they used to cover the northern expanses for thousands of miles but not now. The far north experienced an open waterway year long - and cruise companies are looking to expand into selling northern cruises. That definitely is a change. A change for the lives of those whose annual cycles depended upon the waters to freeze and the world to be blue/white.
This is big- even if my own little life has not changed much. Nature, culture, dreams. These all have really changed. Our small perspective may not be able to identify specific effects. In the greater scheme of hundreds of thousands of years this may be the natural pattern - after all the earth was once covered all by water and then dinosaurs walked the continents and that too changed. In our lifetimes and generations we can mark these changes. That is too fast. We should not have noticed any changes - but we do. Perhaps not in our small lives but the changes do exist, just beyond our personal perimeters. And for some, their whole lives are changing and that really does effect me. I am woven into to this planet and equally a part of its fabric just like you are too.

Blog Action Day.