Monday, 26 October 2009

Land of the Red Rock

I love colour. I have said that here before, more than once. Arizona has amazing colour. Today in South Western Ontario it was an amazing colour day. On my drive into work the early morning sun made the trees glow. Each tree looked to be lit from within. I wanted to take a picture because the gold, orange, red were stunning.

Today however is the first active day of the law banning hand-held cellphone use in Ontario. Since I do not usually drive around with my camera I rely on my Black Berry. If I stopped and parked I would have arrived in to work later than I should be. So I drove through and took the Kodak shot in my mind. Leaving work at the end of the day the same brilliant still shone brightly into the autumn leaves. I could not decide exactly how to name the golden orange colour that glowed around me. As I stopped to buy some pumpkins and perhaps take that brilliantly coloured scene shot the sun dropped too low and the glimmer faded. I missed the shot.

There was a special rainbow in the sky just before the sun dropped. It was not part of a visible band but more like one wide swath of colour in between the massing clouds.

I started the post promising red rock from our Arizona trip so here are some images:

(if you look closely you can see the Inukshuk I built on the rocks near West Sedona)

Besides colour, Arizona has cheerful and generous quilters:

I decided that the colour of the leaves today here in South Western Ontario really is "candle -lit pumpkin".

(plot summary: on vacation I carry the camera everywhere so I can take lots of pictures, going to work I simply take my purse, my BB and my travel thermos of tea so I don't usually take pictures. I have to fix this because the colours in SW Ontario today were truly just as majestic as the red rock photos)

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  1. I started reading through your blog and got myself thoroughly confused! You mentioned Lake Huron in a later entry, and then you had pictures of red rocks, and were mentioning stopping to take pictures on the way to work. I really must stop scrolling so quickly!

    Your pictures are lovely, and your work is too! I love reading quilt blogs, but especially those from close to home. :)


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