Sunday, 25 October 2009

Landscape Technique Workshop with Miriam

I have been away having so much fun. A highlight from this week was a mini international retreat right here at home. The village of Ailsa Craig sponsored a quilt show from Ireland and a group of lovely women came to teach and visit. Miriam is a fellow member of an online Postcard Swapping Group. We have been sharing work for at least a year or perhaps 2 now. Plans were made with a friend from Eastern Ontario, upstate New York and a few local ladies to take the class together.

The Postcard Cottage girls and friends
(who should be new members soon anyway!) Miriam is so lovely to meet.

It was very thrilling to see that our Miriam was going to be one of the featured teachers this year. Cotton-by-Post had presented the earlier exhibitions on quilts from Russia and quilts from East Africa. The workshop day was so much fun

Our day unfolded a bit like this....

Miriam tried very hard to remind us all day that we were to forget about straight lines. The only straight lines she wanted to see were the horizon line and the water horizon if we added a water feature to our picture. We played with sheers, organza, lace, tulle, silk, yarns, and other fancy decorative trims to come up with our own versions:

Miriam has a blog on the Irish Patchwork Society site so please visit her there to see more photos.

The next day was a play day for us so. We loaded up 2 cars and 9 quilters for some local sigh seeing and shop-hopping. We love The Marsh Store and Shirley. She is definately an enabler. They have all those wonderful, special, beautiful fabrics that you dream about.

We made a stop at the Lucan Historical Museum since they were featuring a quilt show as well.

Our touring group were pretty happy though that we were not riding the stage coach.

And to bring the day to a close we enjoyed our "farewell" coffee at Timmie's.

Smiling Irish Eyes enjoying Maple Cream Donuts....


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Is that your landscape? Beautiful.......well done!
    So glad the group made it to The Marsh is the absolute BEST!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Hope you don't mind if I copy your first group pic and link to your entry tomorrow in my blog.


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