Tuesday, 6 October 2009

waving hello to the smiling eyes in blogland

I wanted to stop and catch up here a bit. September was an amazing month. I was so excited, pleased and proud to see DD#1 run and complete her first full marathon. I would have been toasted, exhausted, near dead and in severe agony by the 4.2 km mark, had I attempted to walk it. DD#1 had trained rigorously, paced well, and looked amazingly beautiful at the end of the 42+km run. Wow.

The studio has been the home of cutting and sewing, nothing special to show yet but wait and watch.

Our Canadian Quiltswappers group had an Anniversary Swap to prepare blocks representing each province and territory of Canada. I managed to get them off into the mail for swapping and I am eagerly waiting to see the results. I do still have to complete my personal set of 4 blocks representing Quebec. I ran short of the most fun fabric so my last block is not yet designed.

I want to use the scraps of the fabric that I had been using, even if the block is not the same.
Actually, of the set of 12 I sent out, 2 sets have more frugal uses of the fun fabric so these blocks are not quite like the others either. This is the era of economizing so I was committed to making it work with all the fabric I had at hand. Scrap-busting!!!

The new routine is settling in: the commute, the beautiful sunset through the western windows at dinner time, class work, work work, quality time with Sweetie, studio time, fun time and household responsibility time.

There is still no list! I am holding out as long as I can. Christmas is coming, I can feel it. Resistance is futile....there must be a list. But not today, not quite yet!

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  1. I have lists! Will you write one for me? Congrats to your DD. I can't imagine running a marathon.


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