... absolutely exquisite Cornish Pasty, among other treats

The amazingly, wonderfully welcoming website The Handicraft Hash House is really beautiful. I feel like I am sitting in someone's busy oven-warmed, aromatic kitchen when I am browsing. The pages look like they are the obviously well loved pages of my own cookbooks. You know when you have found the right recipe because you can barely read it through the food stains, if you manage to open the pages that were glued stuck by a sauce dripping.

Tuesday is Bag Ladies Night. If you know me, you know this has been a regular crafty, quilty, chatty night for a group of friends for at least the last 16 years. The greater number of our evenings have been in my basement sewing room but we started out travelling from kitchen to kitchen. We would show up at one or another of our kitchens with our bags of stuff so that we could craft. [hence "bag ladies"]. We did podgy, tole painting, ribbon making, scrap booking, glass painting, glitter shaking, Ginger Bread House decorating, sewing, gluing, cutting, bow tieing, flower arranging, animal stuffing, Easter Bunnies, Sock Monkeys, Teddy Bears, photo albums, decorative boxes, plaster casting, papier mache, paper making,  generally anything that could be put together once we found the bits and pieces and of course, quilting! Okay, sometimes we just use the time to bitch a bit and that is okay too.
And those who know me also know that I moved out of town this past year so it is a bit more of a challenge to get together with my friends. We meet at another friend's house still in town. There is just a bit of time after work and before everyone shows up. This is why I bring my own dinner out on Tuesday Nights.  This is a good thing. See those delicacies in the photo below... mmmmmmm.
The ripple-edged Cornish Pasty is sooo delicious. Tender flaky pastry filled with lovely bitefuls of steak, a bit of veg and apples. I reheat this in my dear friend's toaster oven and it is heavenly. I think I fell in love with Ted's cooking when I had my first forkful of his Shepherd's Pie.
So it is Tuesday and I am hoping there is another Pasty left in the freezer......


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