Orphan Blocks into Placmats

Once upon a time there was a swap. 12 inch, green themed blocks. We would each make 12, or was it 16 blocks and they would be swapped at a central location.
Sometimes swap participation stretches to the extent of my gambling comfort zone, I will end up with something though, no matter what (unless the postal system fails me). In any case, about 6 years ago, or more I received a bundle (7) of green and white blocks, and I had another bundle (9) of my own twisted log cabin blocks - we ended up with only 8 swappers. The only problem was that the blocks were so dissimilar I could not imagine them ever being together in a single quilt - and I love anything green.
I have pillaged this stack for various smaller projects over the years, this week I may well decimate it. I want to make a set of 8 place mats to take as my "party favours" for my weekend away. These will end up as a set of 8, but rather each will go home with a friend.
I have pulled out some complimentary fabrics and we shall see how it goes. This is the "before" photo:

Gratuitous rainbow image. About 5 minutes and 4 miles down the road I could see the far end of it. Today I had time to pull over and take pictures with my BB (I actually stopped 5 times) of the brilliant sun and dark clouds facing off.

(as always here, these images are clickable so you can see them full screen)


  1. How appropriate that the "orphans" will find new homes.
    I think using them to make small gifts/party favours is a fabulous idea.

  2. What a terrific idea for orphan blocks.

  3. GREAT idea!! Now something else to do with some leftover blocks, waiting for a home.
    Please take a photo of the placemats when they are done.


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