Saturday, 12 December 2009

quilting and postcards....

This has been a very cold day. We headed in to town early this morning so that I could pick up a swap box from the post office. I host a Winter Solstice gift swap on one of my Yahoo groups. We used to have a Christmas swap, then there were rumblings about Hanukah and Kwanza and whatever else is celebrated in December.
I figure that pretty well every culture over the last 3,000 years has found a reason to celebrate in December. It is a time to be hopeful, as promise comes to the world again. The days begin to lengthen. It is cold and dark. One can't help but think of the wishes dearest to our heart, and this is the "wishing" part of the holidays.
So, religion and spirituality aside; every one on earth experiences the December Solstice. That is why I have chosen that date for the fun gift swap among friends.
I digress. I was quite lucky and very happy to be able to spend the day in the studio. Have a look at my sunset view....

I managed to machine quilt a small quilt, put the binding on it and make 3 postcards for a swap. The theme is "Frosty" and I made him melt. Sorry.

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