The R word, the new year

It is coming close to resolution time. Most years I have a personal goal to resolve and a motto to look to over the year. There are 16 days left and I have no clue as to what specific goal I want to address for 2010.
I do like making the resolution, or a few if that is what I come up with. I think they should be attainable and identifiable. This helps to mark the beginning of the new calendar year, the recognition that a year has passed and is done and the hope that I can improve myself by taking little steps.

Much like January 1, I also think that birthdays are good target dates for resolutions. Each birthday is the marker to a new year. So in January I get to make at least 2 resolutions. There is a pretty good chance I will keep at least one for the year... and then comes Lent (another opportunity for critical self-evaluation and commitment  to do better).

Along with the resolution, comes list making. Long-time readers will know about me and lists. I am pretty excited that I made it for 6 months without an official list. I missed it though, lots.

I missed the security blanket that having a list provides for me. I also miss the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. Most of all, I miss the accomplishments that I actually managed to achieve while I was keeping the list. This list vacation was a good thing though. I have realized that I do like my lists very, very much.

I heard a speaker at a conference recently that told us to make our lists, then knock the bottom 20% off the list because these things will never get done anyway. This is supposed to "free you". hmm.

I have also  heard people talk about making lists of things "not to do". That is also an interesting concept.


  1. I am also a list person! I'm curious why you felt you needed to take a vacation from it? Did it improve your life in any way to NOT have lists?
    I enjoy your blog, thanks.

  2. Lists, lists and more lists.....I have them everywhere. But there is just something about being able to cross each item off.....sense of accomplishment maybe?

    Thanks for the wonderful comment you left for me....It made a large grin appear on this December weary face.


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