Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Canadian Challenge Quilt (still working on the giveaway)

An internet quilt  Yahoo group that I belong to is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. This past summer there was a swap of provincial and territory blocks. The challenge is to create an Attic windows quilt using these blocks, adding a maple leaf and one other block.

Sasketchewan - Prairie Lily

Quebec - Joie de vivre (my block)

Prince Edward Island



North West Territories



Newfoundland and  Labrador

Nova Scotia

British Columbia


New Brunswick

Cute dogs who would not get off the quilt so I can take a good picture.

Since this quilt is 87 " long by 54" wide I am going to add  a border to each side, perhaps 6" or 8" each, we'll see what looks right once I find something.

I am still watching for that special day when I can pick a name for a giveaway of a quilted wall hanging. I figure this will be sometime over the next few weeks. The more visitors, the merrier!


  1. This quilt is really wonderful Linda, and as a British Columbian, I have to say your B.C. block is right on!!!

  2. What a special quilt this is Linda!


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