Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Christmas Break - stockings and stuff

In November dear DD#2  and I shared a sewing weekend to make a new set of Christmas stockings for the   family's first Christmas celebration in our new home. DD#2  did not want to spoil the surprise so she asked me to not post this  until afterwards - ok, she told me that I could prepare a blog post to automatically upload on Christmas Day butI did not get that done.

If you look closely you can see some beading along the seams.

This one has girly ruffles.

This great plaid stocking has "Jingle  Bells".

I was happy to use these snow flake buttons scattered across these holiday prints.

The crinkled taffeta seemed like a perfect Christmas Tree, all decorated with shiny beads.

DD#2 is a great applique-r, the bunnies were inspired by a lovely winter story book she purchased at a Waldorf school sale.

This uses some very pretty blue velvet as well as some fuchsia dupioni silk.

DD#2 is quite more of a quilter than she realizes, not only does she applique and piece; she like yo-yo's too! (shhh, don't tell her yet!)

We love the new Christmas stockings so much that we could not assign them. We are going to change who gets to open them each year and it will be an annual surprise, and a new tradition. The velvet cuffs were made using fabric from DD#2's wedding theme.


There was other sewing going on in the studio over the holidays also. I made these purse pack tissue holders for the Bag Ladies Christmas gifts. I will not attribute the pattern to any particular designer because I looked at over a dozen patterns on-line, then decided to simply create my own version of the holder. I also took the time to inter-fold the tissues so they each popped out one after the other.

These were wrapped in a nice mug with a dangly charm, a tea bag, and a mug mat; all somewhat colour coordinated.


  1. Those stockings are great! I love the little details you have added

  2. You have been busily sewing ;)
    Those tissue holders are adorable and the stockings are also wonderful! You will always remember the times you enjoyed sewing them with your DD.

  3. I thought that green cuff fabric reminded me of a certain tomato... and i secretly love yo yo's too! I'll have to come over for a tutorial.

  4. Anonymous9:26 am

    Ro, my mum lent me this plastic tool (by clover?) that makes doing yo yo's a breeze! I have zillions sitting around my house now without a real project in mind.

    I'm glad to see the stockings made it on here! It was great to see them in action too. :)

  5. cara, have you not seen the yo-yo quilts? they are a feast of texture! I saw a queen size one that was just crazy at an antique store, but it was expensive - i still regret not buying it!


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