A foggy morning,the world is frozen and a giveaway!

Cute little dog enjoying her morning romp.

It was foggy again this morning.

I love the way the fog freezes on the trees.

I see that this blog is getting close to the 30,000 visitors mark. It must be time for a giveaway! I  will send a small quilted wall hanging to a randomly drawn person that has left a comment on the day closest to passing the 30,000th visitor.


  1. Oh wow 30,000 visitors! What a landmark. Cute puppy picture :-)

  2. I just love your winter photos!! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. 30,000????!!!! What a milestone! THat puppy picture just screams..."you know, Donner and Blitzen...." Put a red nose on him and use him for next year's Christmas card! LOL.

  4. congrats on your blog milestone, I love watching my blog grow too. And fyi I was still up past midnight wrapping as I ended up buying more prezzies. I hope you and the family had a wonderful Christmas. We did, it was peacefull and the first one in years one of us didn't end up in the hospital with a bad flu on Christmas day. I hope you and K. have a wonderful birthday.

  5. What fantastic photos......
    thanks for sharing and a chance to win :0)

    Happy sewing

  6. Diana8:01 pm

    Oh, I love your winter pictures. Where do you live to get thoses beauties? The one with a pine cone would be a great one to paint. Thanks, Diana

  7. Your frozen fog picture is beautiful! Best wishes from Sydney, Australia.

  8. Is today the day?!?
    Love the winter photos!


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