Saturday, 6 February 2010

a bit of a postal rant

I try so hard to be patient with Canada Post. I bite my tongue when my priority express shipment to a friend in the US, which is supposed to arrive in 5 to 7 days, doesn't.  I  follow the wonderful tracking tool and I see it has not even left the sorting facility in Mississauga for 8 days. How is that supposed to be delivered in the expected  service time? Time travel is more futuristic than Pony Express.

Anyway, I had ordered some replacement pieces for my Hinterberg quilt frame, thus when they arrived Canada Post sent me a "pick up" card. I live in the country, work M-F, so Saturday was my first opportunity to head to town to pick up my parcel.

I need to pay $8.85 for taxes and service fee to Canada Post (that is really $5 to Canada Post for collecting the $3.35 pst and gst). I am still patient.

What is the rest of the story.... the computer is down and I can't pick it up, they can't take my payment and so I can't have it.  They won't deliver it so they expect I will come back another day, after the system is fixed. I am not that patient. I call Canada Post Customer Service Line... they do not provide service on the weekends. So here I am, in from out of town and not a happy camper. While I wait to figure things out, of course I spend $38 for magazines.

I did feel sorry for the sweet lady who was the clerk at this affiliate office; she had no idea how to do anything other than follow the step by step so when there are no steps to follow she cannot do anything.

Why is there not a manual process for handling a pick up? Why is there not a way to have the pick up card scanned later when the system is back up and running so that I can go home with my parcel after I have left them their $8.85?

To end this story, someone was able to restart the system while I was magazine browsing and eventually they were able to give my parcel. 45 minutes later.

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  1. Thats sucks Linda, but success in the end. My canada Post story of the day is much better. I should go post it on my blog right now.


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