Sunday, 14 March 2010

Red and Purple and Orange

There are a few projects on the tables in the studio now. I have started to pull oranges so that I can make Heather her prize from My Olympic Challenge and  30K Celebration, a wall hanging.

I washed and pressed the well-aged collection of reds and purples for Melissa's quilt. A few years ago she told me that she had seen a picture of a quilt that she wanted. It actually was not a picture of a specific quilt but rather a quilt in the background of some fashion or home decorating magazine. I was only able to study the picture for a short time as the magazine belonged to her friend. So of course I had to start collecting more fabric.....

Horizontal  random stripes of alternating  purples and reds.  I could not really forget that image. This is my best interpretation.

I was ready to press the stacks. I realized that they were unwashed and so that had to be done first. What a pile...

Then a few hours of ironing while watching 4 more segments of Babylon Five (Season Three, shows 12 through 16). Babylon Five or Battlestar Galactica is the usual  accompaniment to my quilting projects.

..and here is the pallette ready to be cut into strips.

My plan is to cut the fabric into strips across the full width of fabric, then:
  • Piece the reds and purples together into a few  long strips
  • Cut these long strips vertically
  • Rotate the pieces so they do not match when placed side by side
  • Using other shorter strips of reds and purples,  join the shorter sections of red and purple bands already prepared to create  4 vertical sections
  • Then lastly, sew these 4 vertical sections side by side to create the quilt top.
This sketch is from EQ6; my interpretation of the design

Who knows how long these steps will take because I do have to complete a night-class assignment and  still show up for work every day  (and  still do all  my usual procrasternetting).

I am glad you will be keeping me company along the way.
P.S. a super thanks to Karen, who so kindly sent me some great purple and green paisley with flashes of gold and blue. I am thinking hard about what I will  make wth  my paisleys.


  1. looks like you are in for some very colourful fun.

  2. Melissa4:54 pm

    yay! I'm so looking forward to my new quilt!

    Thanks mum.



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