Monday, 8 March 2010

Sunshine and promise of spring

A few wonderful days of sunshine, the temperatures rose above freezing and people were smiling. We visited the Stratford Garden Festival. Definately the promise of spring - seeds. We have a fresh pallette this year and so we are planning our vegetable garden and some flower gardens.
My last 10 years gardening has been a struggle against an insidious lawn. It was more of "I fought the lawn and the lawn won" story than a gardener's delight. I have had great success in the long ago past. The house on Delaware Street had a beautiful back garden. It felt like an outdoor room long before this became the trend-word. We benefitted by having a well-defined small space and raised beds.
That little yard became a wonderful floral haven. This success was hard-earned. I tilled the soil nearly 8" deep and let nearly every bit of that soil went through my fingers as I removed rocks and weeds.
I'll try to find some pictures of these past attempts as we try to bring colour to this little pocket of the world.


  1. you'll have to let me know about shows like this - we always went to them in Halifax, but don't know about them here yet! this sun is wonderful - my bedsheets are hanging on the line!

  2. Anonymous10:25 pm

    yes! scan in some delaware street backyard pictures. I miss the gladiolas and other great flowers from those days.


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