Group projects - a caterpiller Quilt

Friends Lyla and Penny joined me in making another baby quilt for our good friend Jean's latest grandbaby. This is #4. His cousins and sister have quilts that were made by us and it is only fair that he does as well.
We get together with our chosen fabrics and put them together. Amazingly, the random choices work!!!
Our day's efforts netted this so cute quilt top. The  sleepy eyed faces were machine embroidered, manually (using the satin stitch, then narrowing it, as well as straight stitch for the lashes).
Penny cut, Lyla ironed and we all stitched the blocks.

This quilt pattern came from a magazine, Country Woman (p.44, April/May 2009) and is sooo sweet. This is the finished top, I will be quilting it in late May after the other 3 projects in progress are done.

The rest of the weekend included a Toronto FC Soccer match and picking up another Four-footed Grand Dog for a 5 week visit. TFC won. The four-footeds are all sleeping.


  1. What a cute baby quilt!
    Hey Linda...are you hoping to come to the Mennonite Quilt Auction at the end of May??!?!? Strawberry pies...and lots of quilts...tempting?!?
    How about if I sweeten the deal by tempting you with seeing one of our old group quilts?!?


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