Screen Printing 101

This past weekend I took a workshop in screenprinting, my first attempt. I have been wanting to create a printed label for my quilts.   I always outline my quilt labels with hand-drawn stitching, needle and thread. I fill in the rest of the label with details about my quilt, its name, the design, the recipient, and a small story about it. 

The class was taught by  Roisin of bespoke uprising who creates  the wonderful, whimsical prints that I love to play with.  The workshop was held through the Guelph School of Art. This was a great opportunity for me. I will probably redo this in a more delicate format sometime but not today.

This is an open print re-using feathers from other students experiments. It was fun.

Here is my rudimentary design, my silkscreen and the first labels that I printed. These  labels will be used on my current projects: the scrappy kitty quilt, Heather`s Wall Hanging  (which is in progress), and a couple of other projects which are due to be completed within the next few weeks. These include a signature quilt and another wall hanging.


  1. Your first screen looks great. I'll bet that was a terrific workshop. Never need an excuse to "PLAY"!!!


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