Monday, 31 May 2010

Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Auction May 29

On Saturday, my long time quilter friend, Kathy (Kathy's Quilts blog post on the auction) had a nice spot waiting for me in New Hamburg so that we could enjoy the annual quilt auction.

It is so interesting to see the many donated quilts (216 this year) and the funds generated in the auction. It seems that this year the buyers were willing to pay nice money for bright and cute, even if it was a small quilt.

Cheerful crib quilts sold for $300 to $800. It also seemed that the full size whole cloth quilts (hand quilted of course!) sold mostly for $600 each.

The highest price was $6,400 for a quilt that must have a special story because the 2 bidders were sitting together and quickly set this particular piece up for the big price tag of the day. It was a block sampler quilt. I guess the total raised this year was $115,000.

Two quilts in particular impressed me, a unique blue and white reverse appliqué quilt that sold for $1600 and a very colorful tumbling blocks style quilt that really played up the colours to wonderful 3-D effect I will send this link separately

Some weeks life can be so very busy that there are not many minutes available for procrasternetting.

I have no new sewing to report, the " to do" list is a bit longer and the " done" list not very much changed.
I hope that work, home and fun life are in a better balance this week so that I can finish some of these projects laying on my work tables.

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